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Something that no one should go through, is a robbery. It's definitely not something I ever thought was going to happen to me. No, no one broke into my house or physically harmed me.

For the longest time I've truly believed I possess pretty good luck; don't get me wrong, there is some times I am pretty lucky, but some times I am very very unlucky, and here is a small snippet of those unlucky times.

As you may have read in a previous post, I have gotten my wallet stolen - in just about one of the worst places possible...Las Vegas. In November 2020, I'll never forget getting ready to sit down at a slot machine - I try to pat my ass pocket for my wallet, and it was wallet, not my ass. I suddenly panic and start searching everywhere for it in the area I was in. At this moment, there were dozens of people around, right by a large entryway looking out onto the strip. I knew it was gone. Who knows, maybe I left it behind on a machine, maybe someone touched my tushy and grabbed it out of my pocket. Of course I can keep track of my pack of smokes and my drink, but not my wallet right?

The night I lost my wallet, wasn't so much fun, but it definitely had some interesting moments. From running back and forth from hotel security, the police, and even the wait staff. No one was able to help. My mother, sister-in-law and I sat in a long and narrow hallway for over an hour, waiting for the supervisor of security of the hotel to file a report with us. Something that made this wait worth it, were the interesting arrests they would bring right past us; hence the long wait. I finally got around to drunkenly writing my report to the security guard, in which I remember him looking like a tall and slender Adam Sandler with a lisp. To this day, they've definitely not gotten back to me.

A while after, I had to file a police report for my bank to be able to dispute the charges that the thieves made. There was a large purchase at McDonalds, hungry ass bastards I guess. It took hours on hold, just to get in contact with a rude asshole from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. After all, I did get the police report made and the charges disputed, but I have still not heard a peep from the police department. What did I expect, for them to hunt down every person in the area for a little leather wallet? No. No expectations from the hotel security nor the police department. When all is said and done, and about 5 months later, I got everything under control and taken care of. And oh boy was it an absolute treat trying to get through airport security without any identifying documentation...there was a lot of running involved.

Another beautiful instance of bad luck has happened recently. March 2021. I get off work on a Friday night, and immediately drive about an hour and a half to spend the weekend with my love; it was his birthday the following day. I reach his apartment and park my car in my favorite spot, right next to the dumpster, ha-ha.

A couple days pass and we decide we want to go to the store to get ice cream and snacks, despite the below freezing temperature and a foot of snow. We start to clean off the car, and I hear my boyfriend mention that I left the window down, at this time I am half way sitting in the car to get it started and warmed up. I look in the backseat and I see that there is broken glass, and it's everywhere. Continuing to analyze, I see that my bag is gone. YES, I left my bag in the car...YES, I GET IT, DUMB IDEA.... But yeah, this bag had a very expensive computer in it along with important documents I needed for my job.

Similar to when I lost my wallet, I started to panic. Where the hell is my bag? Freaking out in a blizzard, missing a very important bag, and a broken window on my car; this is not a good time. I scramble to get the window covered with as there is already a shit ton of snow IN the car. I call the police, I call my insurance, and I call my mom, of course. The police probably aren't going to be able to do anything. I file a claim with my insurance, they state that there isn't anything they can do since it didn't happen while I was driving; but, they did offer to cover the window tint... Strange...?

Well, it took an hour and a half to get to my boyfriend's apartment, so its going to take an hour and a half to get back home. Silly me, decides to head home at night, in Colorado, in the winter, with a busted out window. I froze my tits off on the way home. The very next day, I needed to get my window replaced. The auto glass company came to replace the window at my home, for a very pretty penny of course. The window has been replaced and now I get to go get my window tinted for free sometime soon. Yay...

The moral of the story is, fucking PAY ATTENTION to your valuable belongings. You absolutely do not want to be in the position I've been in before.

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