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How She Got Her Name | Intro

Welcome to, my life. Sit down, get comfortable and prepare for a mind numbing experience. Here, I will write just about anything. If you get easily offended or don't appreciate colorful language/humor, this may not be the place for you!

So the first thing you may be wondering is, why is it called The Juice? Well, around here there is going to be an answer for just about everything; so here is that answer.

In November of 2020 my mother, sister-in-law and I travelled to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday. I turned 21 the month before and the three of us wanted to go out with a bang. We arrived in Vegas late at night and immediately started living it up to the fullest. The first order of business was to check in the hotel, drop our shit off, and get straight to the the time we finally stepped foot onto the casino floor, it was nearly 2 AM.

Within 24 hours of landing, I managed to let my wallet get stolen. In that wallet, there was a large sum of cash that I had previously won at a slot machine, all of my debit/credit cards, and of course my ID. What the hell was I supposed to do from there? Cry? Go to bed? Well yeah, for a little bit but this didn't stop me from living my life to the fullest, it only made me live it up more than expected.

From the gambling, shows, and visual experiences Las Vegas has to offer, one of the biggest parts of course, is the alcohol | I'm freshly 21 years old with no proof of identity, and in Vegas, what the fuck was I going to do? Oh yes, I was with my amazing mom Amy, and the best sister-in-law I could ever ask for, Taylor. Without these two awesome women, I wouldn't be where I am today! While in Vegas after losing my wallet, I needed their assistance in obtaining the booze - like a teenager all over again! With the three of us locating a small gift shop that sells 23oz sized cans of beer and other beverages, we we're in luck! While looking through their options, I was able to decided on a new best friend, half and half Twisted Tea with lemonade; this is actually where 'shit hit the fan' ha-ha.

While still having to ask my mom or sister-in-law to go to the store with me to get a drink, I found a really dumb way to ask them for their help. Drink after drink, I soon came up with "Brother needs a juice!" From there, it was a never ending phrase for the rest of the trip, and ever since then. Just about anytime there's a drink in my presence, its my juice. The Juice has symbolized the good, the bad and the ugly in my life - and right here you will be able to read all about it in future posts. I hope you enjoy, Cheers!

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