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A day in the life

Everyday is a new day, but everyday also has its similarities too. I like to have a routine as it keeps me on track and organized.

I like to start my day off with waking up. It's really hard to get out of bed in the morning, that thing is like a damn cloud, I sleep like an angel. I have an old alarm clock on the other side of the room that is on full volume, it makes me physically get up and out of bed to turn it off - I recommend this to anyone who has troubles sleeping through their alarms like I used to.

After waking up I take a shower if I haven't showered the night before. I like to shower at night because I get too cold in the morning, although I've been too tired to shower at night for the last couple of weeks...smh. After a shower, I get dressed and ready to go to work. During my commute to work, I really like to blast my music as it gets me energized and ready to work; even though its only 2 or 3 songs because I live less than 10 minutes from my office.

I work in the financial industry, I love my job and the people I work with. I have made some amazing friends at my workplace. I can't say I've made friends like this at any other job. At work during my lunch, I have an hour to either run home, go grab some food, or even just hangout in the breakroom. Considering these insane gas prices lately, I've been staying at the office during lunch.

After work, there's a huge list of things I can do. Of course the productive things like doing laundry or cleaning the house never happen. Instead, I sit here and write stupid shit for you to read...I hope you feel special. If I'm not on my ass typing this shit up, I like to hangout with my boyfriend, family/friends, watch movies/TV, or just lay in bed like a loser. I did something different after work today. The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is in town and I went searching for it - unfortunately I was unsuccessful and low on gas so I came home.

When I get home from work... well, IF I get home from work, I either change my clothes and hangout with family or friends, or I get in my jammies and hangout. Most of the time, I change and leave the house. I live with my younger brother and his girlfriend; she makes living here unbearable so I tend to make myself absent pretty often.

By the time I get home, everyone is asleep and I am at peace. I get to relax, scroll through the social medias and watch the boob tube; maybe even grab a snack and gain some weight. Moral of this story is: live your best life even if it is boring as fuck!

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